Monday, February 24, 2020

Fibromyalgia Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Fibromyalgia - Term Paper Example However, Fibromyalgia has different set of symptoms which vary from person to person and thus difficult to get detected easily. Doctors around the world are working to formulate new blood rests that would help in detecting such ailment in a maximum number of individuals (Dellwo). The Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Persons suffering from the incidence of Fibromyalgia suffer from acute pain all over the body and hence feel highly exhausted in comparison to normal persons. Thus persons suffering from the ailment fail to perform the desired level of physical activity and complain of getting tired. Further, higher intensity of the disease in some individuals makes them suffer from the symptoms like forgetting things in a frequent manner. This happening disturbs their mindset for which they lose or have to quit their present jobs. In addition to the mentioned symptoms the occurrence of Fibromyalgia also lead to events like pain in the chest, stiffness of the limbs in the morning, psychological a ilments like depression and other ailments like sleeping disorders. Fibromyalgia also gives rise to some additional symptoms like cramps in women during the period of menstrual cycles, problems in vision, reeling and heavy pain in the head, gaining of body weight and other skin related problems. Further the patients suffering from the ailment of Fibromyalgia also become susceptible to typical problems caused by hormonal changes. Owing to hormonal changes the patient suffers from metabolic dysfunctions and mental disturbances. The patients suffering from the incidence of severe pain and stress also suffers from nervous disorders leading to paralysis or stroke in some cases. Immune system of the patients suffering from the disease also gets highly affected leading to the propensity of ailments like rheumatoid arthritis to affect the body parts (Dellwo; Fibromyalgia-Causes). Causes of Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia as an ailment is very difficult to detect by medical team round the world fo r its link with acute pain ailments. Specific causes of the disease are very difficult to trace by the medical practitioners. However, it is considered that severe injuries in the physical body, incidence of high amount of trauma and even greater susceptibility to viral infections can lead to the occurrence of the ailment of Fibromyalgia. Again some other medical experts also opine that Fibromyalgia’s relation to the occurrence of pain is because of the emergence of a stressful environment in the body mechanism. Moreover, the incidence of Fibromyalgia also happens to reduce the reception quality of the brain to the use of painkillers. Thus the pain of patients suffering from this ailment does not get reduced even after taking painkillers. Henceforth, the patients suffering from the disease are found to be more prone to the events of depression and fatigue (Fibromyalgia-Causes). Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia The complexity of the disease leads the medical team to feel the trouble in easily diagnosing the disease in the patients. Diagnosis of the ailment becomes a difficult topic for there is a huge lack of effective blood and x-ray tests which can easily indicate the disease within the body. Hence the medical teams operating round the world through their increased knowledge and experiences about the ailment endeavor to diagnose the disease. The medical practitioners versed with the different features of Fibromyalgia can detect and diagnose the occurrence of